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Norma Applies Her Concepts of Authenticity

to Three Specific Areas:

Authentic Leadership – Authentic leaders have the capacity to transform organizations and forge major change. The number one component of authentic leadership is self-awareness. A person who is aware of self also knows their strengths and vulnerabilities. When these leaders leverage their strengths and fortify their vulnerabilities they can achieve organizational transformation.



Authentic Communication – Communication connects our inner world to others. Self-awareness resides in the inner world. With a deeper understanding of self, we adopt new styles of communication grounded in respect, peace, truth and true regard for others.



Authentic Children – Norma’s first career was in the field of early childhood development. She has learned how important it is to help children uncover their natural gifts and talents and

learn to use them in the world. When parents raise their children to be self-aware and maximize their natural gifts and talents, children have increased ability to thrive in the world as adults.


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